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Rubber Granules 2.0-4.0mm

Rubber Granules 2.0-4.0mm
We are premium Quality Rubber granules manufacturer and exporter.

Rubber Granules 2.0-4.0mm

End-of-life (scrap) tires are shredded and granulated to extract all non-rubber materials. The textile is vacuumed, and the steel is removed using heavy-duty magnets. Anka’s state-of-the-art production line ensures high-quality Ground Tire Rubber.

Our rubber granules are durable, long lasting and environmentally friendly. Made of 100% recycled material, their fine and extra-fine particle easily disperse in required formulations.

Guaranteed high quality: We analyze our granules during the production process and perform sample sieve analysis for each batch.
Anka’s environmentally friendly Ground Tire Rubber helps companies achieve their environmental objectives.


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